10 Minutes With: Donna D’Cruz


Meet Donna D'Cruz, performance artist, DJ and musical story teller.
Photo by Jürgen Knoth

Sonic Boom: Underneath one of her pairs of blingy Swarovski-gem-studded headphones color-coordinated to match her outfit stands a woman who knows more than a thing or two about making music.

Meet Donna D’Cruz - international nightlife impresario, record label executive, DJ, entrepreneur and meditation teacher at Phoenix House. Born in South India but raised in Sydney, Australia, Donna has called New York City home for 15 years and has built a career where enlightenment meets entertainment.

Yes, today she is one of the most sought-after spinstresses for celebs, society events and weddings, but Donna also releases multi-cultural music collaborations under her own label, raSa Music, where her friends--like Madonna, Goldie Hawn and Demi Moore--are guest artists.

We asked Donna to sound off on what makes her inimitable music tracks a sure-fire party hit.  Here’s what she said:

What makes you an amazing DJ?
A live DJ is an “energy conductor,” weaving various musical elements to create an unusual live experience. I envision story telling through music, building an arc with music song and dance.

As a performance artist and a DJ, I can be more agile, more responsive to the energy of the couple, their guests and the celebration by managing the energy flow in the room.

What do you love about being a DJ?
I relish my "job" as a live performer/DJ because I've happily expanded my role to being the evening's music producer. I use music to create a bespoke experience. I curate a unique mood and pulse for the entire event with a beginning, middle and a finale.

Any tips for a couple trying to find the right music for their wedding?
Romance is never out of style. Both partners should be fully involved in the entire entertainment proceedings. Good planning means good energy!

Every part of our lives has a music soundtrack. The couple should allow the songs and music to tell their love story as a couple to their guests. This may be the first time you both get to share the intimate details through music: so what song was playing when you met, when you had your first dance together, first kiss? Include perhaps even your favorite song to get intimate too. Just make sure these songs get woven into the sonic experience of your wedding day.

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