10 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Halloween Party

10 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Halloween Party

Instead of going ghoulish for Halloween this year, why not go for glamour? Halloween is the perfect opportunity to indulge your inner child by hosting a party. It can be a very adult dinner party - with a few extra touches for Halloween. 


  • Cobweb your chandelier to add that necessary Halloween element to it.
  • You can also have torches for extra effect. 
  • Lastly, put a black light near the front door or window.


  • Flowers - You can always use flowers like orange and black Gerbera daisies (they can be dyed). 
  • Fruits and vegetables - Accessible and not-that-expensive fruits and vegetables can be combined in a colorful centerpiece. A suggestion is putting Japanese eggplants, oranges and tangerines together in a large bowl. 
  • Candy - Use traditional Halloween candy, like candy corns, and put them in a big bowl with colored water, and then put floating votives in the water, as well, for an original centerpiece. 
  • Dry Ice - Don't shy away from using "expected" elements, if you use them in a special way. You could even go so far as to add dry ice to the candles, so that you have that rising from the centerpieces for an added Halloween touch.


  • Buffet-Style: For this party, rather than a formal sit-down-and-be-served dinner, I like the idea of making a great statement by using one long table instead of several smaller tables. Use a long, rectangular table with the buffet set up on one end. This way you can be glued to the table, not chained to the stove. If all the food is already out on the table, you don't have to keep getting up to bring things out for your guests. So on that one end will be the food as well as the bar.
  • Linens - The table will have a black crushed-velvet tablecloth (possibly nestled with tulle for that added spooky effect) with an orange satin runner and napkins. This is so easy to do because you can go to a fabric store and buy fabric for the tablecloth and runner and napkins and not have to spend a fortune on the table decorations.

-Colin Cowie

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