Trend Report: Popsicle Chic

Food Ideas for Your Reception

With bright colors and an endless variety of flavors, popsicles are the whimsical dessert summer brides have been waiting for.
Courtesy of Popshop

A warm look at a cool new dessert trend for your wedding.

Popsicles have long been a rite of summer. What’s more satisfying on a hot day than a watery, fruity frozen concoction on a stick? So, it’s no surprise to see this childhood fave extended to another rite—matrimony—at plenty of chic parties across the U.S.

“Nostalgia, flavor, refreshment—what more do you need?” says Emily Zaiden, creator and owner of Popshop, a premier popsicle store in Los Angeles known to deliver its treats by bicycle to local weddings, and author of Top Pops, a book of 55 popsicle recipes. “We do pops for weddings and love tying the flavors of the pops together with the wedding’s color themes or to personalized menus or even food and wine pairings!”

Can’t decide if popsicles are your wedding dessert style? Read on for tips, suggestions and recipes for popsicles your guests won't want to miss.

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