Trend Report: Orange Wine

Six Tips for Your Enjoyment

Sip orange wines such as the Channing Daughters 2011 Ramato out of glasses made for red.
Courtesy of Channing Daughters Winery and Riedel 

Orange wine is so new, chances are you haven’t even tasted it yet. Find out six tricks for serving this cutting-edge beverage on your big day.

First, the caveats: orange wine is no white zinfandel. In other words, it isn’t a low-cost wine. Second, the trend for winemakers is so new that it just may be hard to come by. But don’t let these warnings hold you back. This alternative to red or white wine has a flavor and nose that will wow your guests.

“This is why I love orange wine. I feel like it is its own unique category because although it is derived from white grapes, it is made more like a red wine,” explains Kerrie O’Brien, sommelier at DBGB Kitchen and Bar in New York City. O’Brien is credited with bringing this special category of vino to Chef Daniel Boulud’s downtown restaurant in June 2011. She admits her selections are hard to come by, “Many of these wines are made in small quantities and not found in the neighborhood wine store, or even in a lot of restaurants, so even wine aficionados may not have tried some.”

Channing Daughters Winery in Bridgehampton, New York has been producing it since the 2008 vintage and currently makes four different wines in that style. James Christopher Tracy, winemaker and partner, explains orange wine is made from skin-fermented white grapes, a process that “opens up a whole new spectrum of possibilities at the table. The aroma, flavor and textural profile of these wines are mind-boggling!”

Read on for six tips on how to make the most of orange wines at your reception:

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