Trend Report: Edible Favors

Wedding favors can often be a point of contention, but these delicious options prove that they don’t have to be.

After planning a wedding, providing a delicious meal and an evening of fun and celebration, are the bride and groom obligated to provide a parting gift for their guests? And if they do provide a gift, should they pick something that they think is a great memento – like a frame with the couple’s initials and the wedding date – or something that the guests will appreciate?

Well, we think we’ve found the answer. While the bride and groom are never required to give their guests a favor or parting gift, it is a great opportunity to say a quick “Thanks for celebrating with us!” as guests walk out the door. And though mementos of the evening are sweet, there’s nothing quite like something that’s actually sweet to cap of a wonderful wedding.

Edible favors may not be new, but the sweet treats we’ve rounded up are anything but standard. Say “goodbye” to Jordan almonds and color-coordinated M&M’s and “hello” to a bevy of bonbons that are as unique and exciting as you and your fiancé.


Based in Malibu, CA, Rosie and Josh of Sugarfina created this “innovative candy experience for grown-ups” based on a daydream inspired by Willy Wonka. Can you imagine a sweeter start? The duo curates candies from around the world and offers them to clients in everything from gift sets to bento boxes to bulk orders.

While these confections definitely have a nostalgic twist, you’ll be surprised by the creative combinations they offer. From Champagne Bears to Chili Ginger Hearts Afire to Chocolate Pearls, they’re sure to have a candy (or combination) ideal for your event. If you’re looking to ask your favorite ladies to be your bridesmaids in a unique fashion, the Will You Be My Bridesmaid? set—with  Champagne Bears, Chocolate Pearls and Champaign Bubbles—is a fun way to pop the question. Or, slip pouches of the candy of your choice into their pretty blue boxes and offer them to your guests as delicious favors they’ll definitely remember long after the last bite is gone.

Do you know a newly-engaged couple with a serious sweet tooth? Not sure what to get them as an engagement present? The Sugarfina Tasting Club is your answer. A monthly tasting flight of eight Sugarfina candies, including the Private Reserve candies that aren’t available anywhere in the U.S. unless you’re a tasting club member. What a sweet way to start happily ever after.

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