The 15 Sweetest Wedding Cake Trends That Will Be Huge In 2017

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There are too many wedding cake styles to count. Every last sugary bite is part of a unique and special reflection of you as a couple, as well as the crazy-talented baker who made your frosted dreams come true. The traditional 3-tier white wedding cake isn’t going out of style any time soon, but for now we’re passing on the classic for more exciting options. We’re showing off the 15 sweetest wedding cake trends that are going to be big in 2017. Hold on to your candles!

1. Marbled
These cakes look like stone, but taste like heaven. Marbled cakes scream elegance and we are in LOVE.Lush Cakery / Sweet Bakes

2. Geode
We cannot get enough of these Pinterest-worthy geode cakes. It just doesn’t get any cooler than a colorful (and edible) mineral rock formation to split your cake. Intricate Icings /Three Tiers For Cake

3. Metallic
Shiny metallic additions make for the most glitzy and luxe-looking cake. If you’re planning on gold or silver making an appearance in your color scheme, we highly suggest a touch of metal in your cake!De La Creme Creative Studio / Sugar Suite

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4. Two-Tier
We love how sweet and delicate the two-tiered look is. More and more brides are featuring smaller cakes with a dessert bar, or multiple two-tiered cakes to mix up flavors and design.Růže Cake House / Sweet Bakes

5. Watercolor
Literally add a splash of color to your cake with watercolor. The look is a subtle yet stunning take on a traditional white cake.Cakes By Krishanthi / Sweet Bakes

6. Rustic
We know rustic is #trending as hard as chokers right now, so obviously we had to include some woodsy-inspired cakes on our list. Sweet And Swanky Cakes / Intricate Icings

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7. Monogram
Incorporate you and your new husband’s initials for the sweetest cake! There are tons of ways this can be done for every style cake. Two of our favorites are painted, and cut out from fondant.Intricate Icings / Cakes By Lou Greer Burns

8. Macaron cakes
This has to be the most chic and trendy alternative to a wedding cake. If you’re opting for a dessert table in place of a traditional high-tiered cake, you pretty much have to include a macaron cake. Medici Macaron / Antonis Achilleos

9. Square
While square cakes have been around for almost as long as their rounded-counterparts, we’ve recently been seeing some crazy-cute square inspo. Sweet Lake Cakes / Tammy Nelson Photo

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10. Naked
No need to be bashful. This cake bears all in place of the traditional buttercream frosting or fondant. Multiple layers create the most gorgeous and showy-offy look. Heavenly Delights Cakery / Sweet Bakes

11. Ruffled
Can a cake get any more cute and feminine? We don’t know if it’s possible, but these tulle-inspired ruffled cakes are pulling at our heartstrings.Sweet Bakes / Yummy Cupcakes and Cakes

12. Stained glass
If you’re looking for stunning color and detail, a stained glass cake may be calling your name. Different colors and styles can work with any wedding scheme and vibe.Maggie Austin / Sweet Delights Cakery

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13. Small Cake, Big Topper
We mentioned that smaller cakes were trending, but when you add an oversized topper to it, things get to a whole new level of cute.Better Off Wed / Dulce Desserts

14. Bling
Your dress is glam, your heels are sparkly, and your reception rivals the Met Gala… so your cake should be nothing less than shimmery sweet heaven!De La Creme Creative Studio / Jeff Langhorne Photo

15. Off-Set
There are no rules when it comes to wedding cakes, including centering tiers. We are obsessed with the off-set cake trend in a BIG way.Marianne Wilson Photo / Divine Images

--Julia Gargiulo

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