Say “I Do” to Wine

With some help from, finding the ideal pairing (and price) for your wedding meal is a cinch.

Thanks to the new wine site,, hand-selecting perfectly suited wines for your wedding just got a whole lot easier.

Forget the jokes or even the heartfelt tears. A memorable wedding toast begins with a well-chosen wine to fill the glasses your guests will raise (many times!) in your honor at your reception. From a refreshing 1995 Pommery Grand Cru Champagne to greet people at cocktail hour to an earthy 2007 Chateau Gigognan Châteauneuf-du-Pape to complement the filet mignon on your menu, take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to add a personal touch with specially chosen wines you serve your guests.

You need not be an oenophile either to discover the flavor and style that best sums up your Big Day. Thanks to Lot18, a membership-by-invitation-only wine website founded in 2010, you can have at your fingertips a bounty of the world’s finest vinos from elite boutique wineries—all at a discount. (Colin Cowie Weddings readers have been invited to sign up for free right here. )

Lot18 offers its members, for free, insider access to an ever-changing crop of select wines, specialty foods and even tools of artful entertaining (such as a Swanz decanter, made by Joseph Swanz, a renowned chandelier maker) at a low price for a limited time or until sold out.

The best part? Each product, from a 2006 Waterbrook Meritage to a set of R.Croft Tasting Glasses is hand-selected by an expert from Lot18’s procurement team of world-renowned sommeliers, food specialists and professional wine judges. Each expert is in the business of developing a one-on-one relationship with boutique vintners and artisanal producers so hard-to-find products can be offered at a lower price to Lot18 members.

For the couple seeking to make a statement with the wines they serve their guests at the reception, Lot18 offers a bonus service, adds Dini Rao, Lot18’s VP of Product. “Lot18 also has a unique customized concierge service,” says Rao. ”You can call and speak to one of our experts to help guide you personally to the wines that would work best with your own wedding’s style.”

Here’s a sampling from Rao of five wines that are uniquely poised for five very different kinds of weddings:

For A Garden wedding

Consider a 2007 Pacific Rim Dauenhauer Riesling. “Its peachy aromas make for easy quaffing,” says Rao. Created by expats from the famed Bonny Doon Vineyard, this versatile Oregonian white wine is made to be paired light dishes made with fresh herbs or the likes of goat cheeses.

For a Beach wedding

A 2008 Cali 351 Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc, crafted by a world-class maker in Calistoga, is ideal. This white wine has a clean minerality with notes of honeysuckle and citrus. It is perfectly suited to any fish or shellfish.

For a Formal, black-tie wedding

Look no further than a 2006 Pirouette Bordeaux Blend. Bursting with the taste of cassis and licorice, this Washington red wine blend from Long Shadows Vintners is made with a whopping five kinds of grapes (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Syrah). Its succulent notes can hold up well to flavorful dishes like marinated pork tenderloin or Beef Wellington.

For a Rustic countryside wedding

Try a 2008 Grochau Cuv̩ee des Amis Pinot Noir. “It is a great food companion for the farm-to-table feast,” says Rao. This noble red wine with a hint of cherry, white pepper, and spice, from Oregon’s Willamette Valley, is ideal for not just beef but roasted chicken or mushroom risotto too.

For an Adventure wedding

A full-bodied 2006 Cicchitti EmKem Malbec can stand up to the more daring wedding on a blustery bluff, for example, or a meal of roasted lamb shaved from a rotating spit.

Made from an Argentine Malbec from Mendoza, the heart of South America’s winemaking region, this red wine brings violets, cinnamon and black raspberries to mind. Wines from this region are grown at some of the highest altitudes around for vineyards—from 1,970 to 3,610-feet above sea level.

No matter what kind of wedding you’re planning, Lot18 has a vintage tailor-made for your one-of-a-kind affair.

--Erinn Bucklan

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