The Cocktail Connoisseurs

It’s no secret that the food and drinks are a major part of the wedding for both the newlyweds and their guests. After all, no great wedding ever started with a salad. With the help of master mixologists Yusef Austin (also known as The Cocktail Architect) and Josh Rosenthal, founder of The Grand Bevy, we’re discovering the mixologist and what they can add to your wedding day drinks.

The Mixologist

According to Yusef Austin of The Cocktail Architect, a mixologist creates and crafts a cocktail the same way a chef prepares a menu. “Not just pouring a gin and tonic, but measuring, stirring, shaking and garnishing a balanced drink.” 

The Benefits

“At your wedding your guests will spend far more time with a drink in their hand than a fork,” says Josh Rosenthal of The Grand Bevy, who emphasizes the importance of employing a company that will devote the same energy to drinks as the caterer does to food. Austin notes, “They can be there for extra help, knowledge, experience, speed and style that the regular catering bartenders often do not have.”  

The Personalization

More than just a cherry on top or a sugared rim, mixologists come to weddings armed with creative extras. Yusef Austin prefers fun garnishes, specialty ice, fresh veggies and fruits, herbs and unusual spirits.

It’s important to consider the initial meeting, as it provides a fantastic opportunity for the bride and groom to share details with the mixologist of how they met and their preferences. “We did a wonderfully elaborate Indian wedding and the first time the bride met the groom she was eating a tamarind sugar candy. We developed a drink from a tamarind block that we turned into a reduction over weeks, which became the basis for a rum drink we called The Tamarind Tiger,” says Rosenthal.

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