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Incorporating Family Recipes into Your Wedding Day

Showcasing some of your favorite family recipes can add an extra personal touch to your reception.
Alison Duke

Wow your guests with foods that draw on your family’s prized recipes.

If Prince William can do it at his wedding, so can you. While the actual family recipe for the unbaked “refrigerator” chocolate biscuit cake he served as his groom’s dessert at his 2011 wedding is a royal secret, we can tell you that serving a favorite passed-down family recipe will always be a sentimental hit, whether you’re a blue-blood or not.

Whether it’s your grandmother’s amazing meatballs or your mother’s special brownies, savory or sweet, there’s always a place for a homespun touch at even the fanciest, black-tie affairs.

Read on for tips on novel ways to showcase these foods with a special place in your heart:


Serving the kind of food you ate for dinner as a kid is often a lot cheaper than the prime rib you may see on your caterer’s suggested menu. The best way to present these ultra casual foods like your favorite tuna casserole or beef brisket? Have the food placed “family-style” (of course!) on your guests’ tables.

In this style of food service, large platters of food are left for the guests to serve and pass among themselves. This cuts the cost of expensive ingredients, extra waiters to serve all the guests simultaneously at a sit-down—and the gorgeous, decorative platters can allow you to cut back on spendy centerpieces that take up room on your tables. Besides, it’s a great icebreaker for guests to meet each other.

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