Hangover Cures That Really Work

If you have overindulged:

I recommend arming yourself with a “cocktail” that will prevent a splitting headache and queasy stomach. Ideally, you should remedy the situation the same night, before going to bed: Take a multivitamin and two aspirin, and drink a tall glass of water to stay hydrated.  But if you forget (or asleep on the couch), and wake up feeling twenty years older and completely unable to function, then it’s Bieler’s broth to the rescue!

Originally created in Switzerland, Bieler’s Broth is mad a cup of three-fourths of a cup apiece of zucchini, chopped celery, green beans, and parsley. Steam them over hot distilled water, five to eight minute apiece, until they’re soft but still crisp. Using a blender, puree the steamed vegetables with a portion of steaming water until the contents are almost liquefied. Drink up! The broth coasts your stomach with alkaline almost immediately, so you’ll feel 110 percent better.

For your puffy, bloodshot eyes:

lie down flat on a bed or couch with your feet elevated. Place a comfortable pillow under your head close your eyes and gently lay a couple of warm teabags (not too hot, not too cold) over them. After ten minutes, the tea will seep into your skin, diminishing the circles under your eyes and helping to remove the red. Let’s not even attempt to figure out how this puffy-eye cure was discovered, but believe it or not, patting a little hemorrhoid cream under your eyes does help.

-Colin Cowie

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