Fabulous Idea No.192

Couture Ice Cubes

Fabulous Idea No.192: Couture Ice Cubes

If you really want to amaze and bedazzle your guests, make your own “couture” ice cubes: star shapes, jewels, and flowers for mixed drinks; long, sexy cylinders for vodka and tequila; and oversized ice wedges for scotch. Setting a great bottle of wine in an ice bucket with jewel-shaped ice next to a pair of sparkling glasses and a bowl of salted nuts is easy to pull together in an instant and very impressive looking! 

For mixed drinks, I can tailor the ice cube specifically to whatever drink I’m creating.  Example: I’ll use a single large ice cube for a scotch on the rocks or a gin and tonic. The large cube is denser, so it has a dramatically slower rate of melting, which keeps the drink icy cold rather than quickly watering it down; or I’ll use long, thin icicle-shaped ice that matches up fantastically with tequila or vodka served in a tall, slender glass. The watering down of the drink doesn’t lessen its flavor or intensity.   

Whenever I see ice trays designed in interesting shapes (often originally intended for children’s lollipops or three-dimensional star-shaped cookies), I instead use them for my couture ice cubes. When they’re frozen, I place them in Ziploc bags or a small plastic box inside my freezer to keep them from shattering. In the steamy summer months, I’ll add fresh fruit to the tray such as red cherries, raspberries blueberries, blackberries, and green grapes. When the cubes are placed inside summery cocktails, they give an ordinary drink a complete drab-to-fab makeover! 

--Colin Cowie

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