Dom Pérignon & Jeff Koons

Pop the Cork for Balloon Venus and Rosé Vintage 2003

Celebrations and bubbly go hand in hand, and there’s no better excuse for a celebration than an engagement or wedding. And for a celebration of that magnitude, we say trade in your sparkling wine or cava for the penultimate in Champagne – Dom Pérignon.

Dom Pérignon’s champagne is vintage only, meaning that every bottle contains wine produced from a single year’s harvest. This commitment to excellence and purity is apparent in every sip, as is the meticulously perfected production process that dates back to the end of the 17th century. Creating vintage Champagne requires a sense of adventure, as every year’s harvest determines Dom Pérignon’s production. This sense of adventure has also extended outside of the realm of Champagne, as Dom Pérignon has collaborated with artists from all disciplines who are pushing boundaries and testing the norms. And now, that collaborative spirit has brought together Dom Pérignon and none other Jeff Koons.

Recognized for his artistic interpretations of banal, everyday objects – from balloon animals made of stainless steel to a towering puppy made of marigolds, begonias and petunias – Jeff Koons is one of the world’s most recognized contemporary artists. Just as Dom Pérignon is a visionary in the field of fine wine, Koons is a visionary in his own field. The two have come together for a playful, refined and exciting collaboration. Dom Perignon’s Vice President Trent Fraser says, “For me the collaboration between Jeff Koons and Dom Perignon was inevitable. Two of the greatest creators, two of the great icons. In the act of creation both share a sensibility for personal histories, their taste for reinvention, a commitment to perfection and above all, frankness of emotion.”

The result of this collaboration is Balloon Venus, an object based on the original Balloon Venus and created in celebration of Dom Pérignon’s Rosé Vintage 2003. The piece is both an objet d’art and a functional container meant to encase a bottle of the newest Rosé vintage. Inspired by the Venus of Willendorf, Balloon Venus is a new kind of idol. It is historic and modern, traditional and exciting. As part of Koons’ Antiquity series, through which he is exploring motifs from the History of Art, Balloon Venus bridges the gap between Dom Pérignon’s historic reputation and modern and exciting vintages.

And what makes Rosé Vintage 2003 so special? “I believe our Chef De Cave Richard Geoffroy perfectly explains this: "The 2003 vintage is one of superlatives: a year like no other, defined by extremes. The vineyard was first touched by severe spring frosts and then by an unparalleled heat wave". Richard likes to push the boundaries and take risks, and this is why I think he is one of the greatest wine makers ever.” 

Of course, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn Trent’s favorite ways to enjoy Dom Pérignon. “Of course,” he told us, “I love to share Dom Pérignon with Colin Cowie. I can assure you there have been quite a few fun moments worth celebrating! As a vintage only Champagne, it is interesting to taste Dom Pérignon along side other vintages as you experience the uniqueness and expressiveness of each year. Most importantly, it is to be enjoyed at unexpected times in life and not just for weddings or New Years Eve. We have so much to celebrate in life, why wait!”

Whether it’s Rosé Vintage 2003 or one of Dom Pérignon’s other vintages, at your engagement or on a regular Tuesday night, pop the cork and raise a glass to history, to art, and to the future – including the one you and your fiancé are entering into together.


-- Jaimie Schoen

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