The Frosting-Free Debate

Love it? Love it not?

When layers of moist cake and sweet frosting look this good, why cover them with fondant?
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No new wedding cake trend has divided brides-to-be quite like the topic of a serving a beautiful, three-tier confection—with no frosting. Call it Dessert Storm.

When Hilary Duff's wedding photos hit OK Magazine last year, the fact that the TV and movie star served a cake without icing had brides-to-be buzzing online. Some praised the concept: "I don't like the taste of fondant icing, so this type of cake would save me the trouble of peeling it off." Others, not so much: "No icing? Then it's not a cake!!! LOL!"

The concept behind the homespun-feeling, rustic-looking cake is simple. It's stacked just like a classic design so there will be no mistaking it as a wedding cake. Duff's, for example, had three-tiers.

Each tier had layers of yellow cake filled with classic butter cream, according to Leslie Maynor-Anderson, the celebrity baker of Fantasy Frostings in Pasadena, CA, who made the Duff dessert. "But I've done it in chocolate and red velvet," says Maynor-Anderson.

Here are five surprising things you should know about this precious style before you weigh in:

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