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New Cake Flavors to Please Your Palate

New cake flavors are taking the baking industry by storm. Are your guests ready for it?

Guinness beer, bacon bits, chili powder. These aren’t the ingredients for a Fourth of July BBQ. Rather, they’re the makings of some of the hippest, hottest wedding cake flavors of the moment. Why serve a run-of-the-mill vanilla cream when a ginger and wasabi chocolate ganache is on your baker’s menu?

“Sticking to yellow cake for us is like thinking the Walkman was the end-all-be-all of portable music,” says Chris Wyatt, co-owner of Amaru Confections, a specialty cake and dessert shop in Boise, Idaho that cooks up flavors from Guinness-beer-chocolate and bacon-and-maple-syrup to bubble gum and strawberries-and-Champagne.

Their buttercream fillings are just as imaginative: from Key lime and salted caramel to Irish cream or cinnamon spice, “We always want to be moving forward in our flavors because we're bakers at heart, and creating great and exciting desserts is a passion for us.”

Not convinced these daring new flavors are for you? When you’re looking for a wedding cake to really wow your guests, wouldn’t a to-die-for lavender buttercream carve a more unforgettable impression than chocolate filling? We asked the experts behind these more unique flavor combos to give us surprising tips on how to pull off these new cutting-edge cakes. Read on to find out just how these new flavors pan out:

Grooms Love…
Flavors that sound more like food they’d find at a baseball game than a wedding. “Turns out, while our flavors go over well with brides, honestly, it's macho enough for the grooms to get involved in the cake discussion,” notices Wyatt. “Funny, but the guys at our tasting appointments hear ‘Guinness beer’ and ‘bacon’ and they perk up! Then we have a conversation with three people instead of just with the bride to be.”

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