Desserts That Take The Cake (Away)

Indulge your sweet tooth in an unexpected way with a towering display of frosted donuts.
Courtesy of Maggie Ruggiero

The latest trend in wedding desserts? Hint: it doesn’t include a wedding cake!

Some brides skip the white dress. Others toss the wedding entirely and decide to elope. The latest wedding tradition couples are testing the limits of? The tried-and-true wedding cake. Three-tiered confections are going by the wayside as other sweets like donuts, macarons and cake pops are trending.

“Who doesn’t love cake?” admits Dana Loia, owner of Dana’s Bakery, a specialty NYC-based macaron studio where Loia customizes towers of these French confections for weddings. “However it’s a fun way to think outside the box when it comes to a sweet ending to your special day. Creatively, there are many options when working with macarons from color and flavor to design and display. Replacing the traditional 3-tiered cake with a customized macaron creation absolutely adds a modern twist!”

And macarons (a French cookie of sorts) are just one of the sweet ways brides express their individuality with their weddings’ dessert. Sure, we’ve already witnessed the cupcake trend, so read on for a list of this year’s surprising top treats:


Consider a tall, tiered tray of delectable fried dough treats. They are a familiar, low-cost comfort food that, when piled artfully high on a serving piece, look somewhat kitschy but always delicious.

“It’s meant for a bride with a sense of whimsy,” says Maggie Ruggiero, an expert food stylist who has worked with wedding emporium BHLDN to feature this deep-fried confection. Plus, they are versatile. “Donuts pack so easily that they could be transported anywhere, from a country meadow wedding to a city rooftop soiree. Guests can simply pluck their share themselves and carry it about on a small plate.” No fork required.

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