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Five Ways to Get Wedding Cake Under $5 A Slice

Thought you couldn't have a spectacular cake without breaking the bank? Think again.
Colin Miller

Read on to learn the simplest way to get the most dessert for your dollar.

There’s no way to candy-coat this fact: wedding cakes can set you back thousands of dollars. The top bakers in the country charge a minimum of $8 to $12 dollars a slice. If you’re having 150 guests, you’re looking at paying a $1,200 bill just to serve them dessert.

Fortunately, there are some ways to cut corners on that three-tiered confection to save you money without sacrificing taste. We asked five bakers nationwide for their tips on how to keep wedding cake cost down to a bare minimum—at a much sweeter $5 or less per slice.

“It is feasible to stay under $5,” says Kaylee Glass, marketing director for Second Floor Bakery in Holland, Michigan. “We specialize in tiered cakes but also offer kitchen and sheet cake as an option to make up servings.”

Here’s what you need to know to keep your wedding cake costs down.


When you want the classic multi-tiered confection on display and for photo ops but can’t stomach the price, consider renting a faux cake, also called a fake or dummy cake. “They’ve been around for awhile,” says Glass who rents beautiful three-, four-, even five-tiered fake cakes iced with real fondant for just $200 a night.

“They are great for brides with a smaller wedding or smaller budget who still desire a large cake for pictures.” Made of Styrofoam and iced for display at the wedding, the bride orders a much cheaper sheet cake to actually serve guests, one that is cut and plated in the kitchen.

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