10 Minutes With: Sylvia Weinstock

Sylvia Weinstock shares her favorite wedding cake tips and trends.

How did Sylvia Weinstock Cakes get its start?
The cake business started…because I didn’t ski! My family would be out on Hunter Mountain during the winter and I would stay behind and bake. There was always more than we could eat, so I started selling cakes to some of the local restaurants. I was recommended to William Greenberg, who had a bakery in New York City. That was 50 years ago. 

Can you share any memories of working with Colin?
I always enjoy working with Colin because we have the same sensibilities: lush and romantic design, understated elegance and a great deal of sophistication. I think the last wedding we worked on together was a Kansas City bride, who, I’m pleased to report, loved her wedding and is still happily married!

What’s your favorite baking element to work with?
So many good things! The sugar flowers, of course, but our icing is always buttercream and the fillings are wonderful fresh fruits, nuts and imported chocolate. The fun of it for me is to learn new taste palates, like chestnut in Japan, cardamom and rosewater in the Middle East or dulce de leche in Miami!

What’s the most important thing you need to understand when meeting with a bride for the first time?
When I bride comes for her cake tasting, I need to know the venue, the season, her budget for the number of people attending, and, of course, how she envisions her cake. Brides often leave with a different idea than what they came with, but we are in the business of making her fantasy come true.

Have you noticed any recent wedding cake trends?
Many brides are incorporating their bridal gown details – lace, jewels, flowers – into their cake motif. It’s not just about the colors of the tabletop or centerpieces anymore. And, like the Faberge eggs, there is a trend of individual mini-cakes, with a larger one for the bride and groom to cut and keep.

What’s one piece of advice you have for brides on their wedding day?
Relax, relax, relax. Do not forget to ENJOY your wedding, because it is all over very soon.

--Keely-Shea Smith

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