An Introduction To Scotch

An Introduction To Scotch

Scotch is ideal for certain occasions: when the first nip of fall is in the air; when friends are sitting around a crackling fire in midwinter; or simply as an earthy, smoky, sweater-wearing alternative to vodka, gin, and tequila. 

Here’s what you need to know about this British Isles superstar:

  • If you want the best scotch, always go for the single malt! Single malts come from a single distillery, and they are not blended with other whiskeys.
  • A reliable rule of thumb is that the longer the scotch has been aged in barrels, the smoother it was taste going down. A truly amazing-tasting scotch will have been aged for at least ten years. Twelve-, fifteen, and twenty-one-year old scotches are available (and incomparable!), but they are also much higher priced. Make sure that when you buy single malt, you know how old it is!
  • Scotch is usually served neat (without mixers) at room temperature. Many people like it over large rocks or sometimes with a splash of soda. The bigger the ice cube, the colder the cocktail, and the slower the melt ratio.
  • Like wine, scotch should be stored in a dark, slightly cool location, placed on its side or standing upright.  

-Colin Cowie

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