Alcohol-Free Aperitifs

Fabulous Mocktails from

The non-alcoholic Peach Queen, from Carosello.
Courtesy of Carosello

Cocktails and weddings seem to go hand-in-hand, but what’s a happy couple to do when they want to serve luscious libations without the hard stuff? Our friends over at have you covered, with delicious drinks that look just like their alcohol-infused friends but are ideal to serve any time, and to guests of any age. So whether you’re having a luncheon reception, are a teetotaler, or (our personal favorite) want to offer your guests a sweet sip as they wait for the ceremony to begin, read on for some truly fabulous mocktails.

Maybe your venue doesn’t allow alcohol or maybe you just roll booze-free. But either way, we’ve got you covered with some absolutely delicious mocktail recipes. The Peach Queen (above) is a tasty concoction of orange juice, ginger ale, and peaches.


HGTV's delicious Virgin Grapefruit Mojito.

Courtesy of HGTV

A virgin take on a grapefruit mojito, this tangy beverage is sweetened with agave syrup.

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