A Beginner’s Guide To Better Coffee

A Beginner’s Guide To Better Coffee

Americans have grown increasingly sophisticated about coffee. Use this primer to find the right type of bean for your breakfast parties.

The two main types of coffee used today are Arabica and robusta. Arabica is more complex, subtle, refined, and thus, more expensive. The cheaper robusta is hardier, with a harsher flavor. Many canned and instant coffees are made with robusta beans.

Below are the principal types of arabica beans on the market today.

Java. An aged Indonesian coffee that’s full bodied and spicy.

Kenyan. Full-bodied, acidic, and smooth; with an almost winey flavor.

Kona. From Hawaii: the real thing is hard to find but its sweet, smooth, and mellow.

Costa Rican. Strong, robust flavor with a pungent aftertaste.

Guatemalan. Mild and spicy. 

Colombian. The supremo blend is smooth and light-bodied; the excelso is rich and mellow.  

-Melissa Hammam

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