17 Wedding Cakes That Will Make You Forget All Other Cakes

17 Wedding Cakes That Will Make You Forget All Other Cakes

Toss out basic white layers and fondant flowers. The artistry behind these cakes makes each and every one a museum-worthy piece of art. From fantasy to floral watercolors, geometry to geology, these cakes are your wildest dreams come true. Below we’ve collected 17 of the most unique wedding cakes, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! 

1. Gorgeous Geode
This is the cake that started our obsession and we still can’t take our eyes off of it. Rock candy, food coloring, and edible gold paint transform this cake into a masterpiece. Cake by Intricate Icings Cake Design

2. Frozen Fortress
If Queen Elsa were to get married, we’re fairly certain this would be her cake. The crystal accents and clear cake pedestal are sure to make every guest’s jaw drop. Cake by Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

3. Architectural Art Deco
This towering four-tiered cake seems to have been inspired by the Art Deco designs of buildings such as the Chrysler Building. We’d love to see this cake served at a Jazz Age garden party.Cake by Maggie Austin Cake

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4. Adorably A-Symmetrical
As we fell down the rabbit hole of crazy cakes, we found this tea-tering a-symmetrical confectionary delight. How cute is the detail work in the life-sized pocket watch?Photo by Jaime Davis Photography; Cake by Sweet Traders

5. Monochromatic Gems
A single hue makes a huge impact with this all-white bejeweled cake. Each perfectly pearlized piece makes this a gem of a cake.Cake by Wendy Kromer Confections

6. Embellished Ombré
Shades of blue and green airbrushed onto this cake give it a beautiful ombré effect. The delicate gold designs truly put the icing on this cake!Photo by Hazelwood Photo; Cake by Artisan Cake Company

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7. Colorful & Contemporary
Indian teal and burnt orange pigments run down the sides of this contemporary cake. The addition of geometric gold accents gives this cake structure and polish. Photo by Anushé Low Photography; Cake by Olofson Design

8. Artist Inspired
These lovely tiers are so well painted, they’d make even Van Gogh smile! The 3D flowers are reminiscent of the artists’ work, jumping off the surface as if growing out of the cake. Photo by Birds of a Feather Photography; Cake by Superfine Bakery

9. Pearlized Upside Down Cake
Who said the largest tier has to be at the bottom? Well, this cake has thrown tradition out the window, with gorgeous white and silver tiers hung upside down from a floral hook.Cake by Elizabeth's Cake Emporium

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10. Towering Teacups
Every princess deserves a proper tea party and every tea party needs cake. We think this four-cup tower would suit any tea party just fine! Photo by Roberta Facchini; Cake by Elizabeth's Cake Emporium

11. Cake of Thrones
This medieval themed cake could be for the couple that loves history or HBO! We can’t get over the meticulous detail work, replicating swords, maps, and armor.Photo by Candice Benjamin Photography; Cake by The Cake Mamas

12. Marbleized & Modern
Pale blue marbled fondant covers the four clean tiers of this cake. The gold geometric designs and accent flowers are a playful touch.Photo by Laura Kelly Photography; Cake by The Cake Whisperer

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13. Charming Carousel Cake
How adorable is this cake topped with a miniature carousel? Each layer feels like a sweet trip to a carnival - all it’s missing is a bit of cotton candy!Photo by Samuel Docker; Cake by Melissa Woodland Cakes

14. Bold & Beautiful
The large white magnolia flower pops against deep blue tiers. Soft white ruffles at the bottom make it seem as if clouds are floating along an evening sky.Cake by The Cake Whisperer

15. Ornately Painted
Beautiful painted blooms cover nearly every inch of this regal seven-tiered cake. Any outdoor celebration would feel fit for royalty with this on the dessert table.Photo by Artiese Studios

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16. Fun & Funky
How fun is this cake, dripping with chocolate and overflowing with embellishments? We especially adore the “tied the knot” topper. Cake by Unbirthday Bakery

17. Cake of the Future
It seems like the future is now! In a marvel of artistry and technology, Disney was able to project all your favorite fairytale characters onto a clean white cake, making this dessert come to life.

-Aliana Heffernan

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