10 Minutes With Chocolat Moderne


Everything is better with chocolate, so make your wedding an event to remember.

New York City is filled with sweets, from cupcakes to cookies and everything in between, but when it comes to chocolates, Chocolat Moderne truly stands out. Bright colors, unique shapes and taste bud-tingling flavors make the brainchild of chocolatier Joan Cuokos a go-to resource for fantastic sweets. Whether you’re hungry for the Tangy Tomate Dark Chocolate Bar or are a sucker for classic caramels (which are made from scratch!), there is something for everyone in Chocolat Moderne’s pantheon of flavors.

What inspired you to start making chocolates? How did you get your start?

12 years ago I went on vacation to Belgium. On the plane ride over I read about Pierre Marcolini in the in-flight magazine, an international award-winning Belgium chocolatier who was doing innovative things with chocolate, both in terms of flavors and packaging design. I had never thought of chocolate companies having a name associated with them, like a restaurant might have a celebrity chef, nor having beautifully designed packaging or interesting cutting-edge flavors. I sat up and took notice, and said to myself, “I have to check out his store—this sounds like a very new trend”. The next morning I was walking across an antique market and I saw antique chocolate molds for the first time. I said to myself, “this is a sign that I need to be part of this new trend!” I bought two molds on the spot and vowed to teach myself how to make old-world style chocolates with my own modern spin.

What are your most popular flavors?

We make 66 different bonbons and 28 different kinds of bars, so that is so hard to say! Some of our most popular bonbon flavors include sea salt caramels, dark chocolate ganaches such as ultra dark single origin from Venezuela, raspberry and single malt Scotch ganaches. Then we have fruit caramels like grapefruit, banana and passion fruit. And we make all of our nut pralines from scratch, so the hazelnut, pistachio and peanut are popular.

You offer wedding favors featuring custom chocolates selected by the bride and groom. What flavor combination is the most popular?

Ganaches and caramels. Within these categories, plain dark ganache, raspberry ganache, single malt Scotch ganache, salted caramel and pear caramel. I recommend that brides stay away from the nut fillings, due to allergies.

Do you offer any other custom order options?

Yes, many! In addition to being able to choose from many different fillings, the couple can choose from a variety of molded shapes and either dark, white or milk chocolate, and we can do custom hand-painted color on the bonbons. Plus, we have some options for printing a pattern or some copy on the chocolates.

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