10 Minutes with: Amy Atlas

Dessert Just Got Even Sweeter

No one dresses up sweets quite like Amy Atlas. She has upped the ante on dessert decor with her stylish and splendid dessert tables.

We sat down with Amy to discuss her art and style. She gave us some tasty tidbits on the inspiration behind her creations and shared her thoughts on what's hot--and not--in the world of desserts.

Your dessert tables are spectacular. Please tell us more about the process behind creating one. How do you go from initial concept to final design?
First, I meet with my clients and learn about what inspires them. I like each dessert table I create to tell a story about my client. The design can be inspired by a color, pattern, family heirloom (i.e. beautiful lace linen), theme or flavor. The possibilities are endless.

Once we settle on the sensibility of the table, we figure out the vessels, the textures of fabrics, whether there will be flowers on the table and, most importantly, the desserts!

What key elements should each dessert table have?

  • A vertical element for a big visual punch. Some examples include a wallpapered backdrop, a stunning cake, or a whimsical floral arrangement.
  • A cohesive color palette.
  • Vessels that work with the sensibility of the table. For a modern wedding, pick vessels with clean edges. For a more romantic themed wedding, pick vessels that have scallops or ruffled edges.
  • Fabrics that fit the design. For example, a silk taffeta is great for a formal wedding, but an outdoor, informal wedding may call for a cotton, linen or burlap.
  • A balance of different flavors and textures for the desserts. I like to have a minimum of six desserts on my tables.
  • Tags on the desserts so guests easily know what everything is.

Your use of color is so striking. How many colors at one time would you recommend a bride to use for her dessert table?
I love bringing in color palettes that are unexpected. For a tailored look, I would recommend that brides use no more than three colors on the table. Bring in a punch of color like magenta and then pair it with an accent color.

It is trickier to bring in a palette with several colors because it can then look cluttered. Also, don't forget to bring in white.  It is a subtle point, but I bring in white to de-clutter the table, especially if the table is pattern and color heavy.

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