Sustain This

Eco-friendly Fashion for Your Wedding

Friends of the earth.

Recycle, renew, resolve: However small a contribution one person makes, it can really mean all the difference in the world. Why not start with the fun stuff like fashion and beauty?

No longer is our desire to look good in conflict with our desire to do good. Fashion designers make beautiful wedding gowns, clothing and accessories that are free of toxic dyes and techniques, made in fair trade, sustainable environments and using materials that are recycled, bio-degradable, organic and cruelty free. Even major fast-fashion companies like H&M have joined the global quest for making good on the environment with their Conscious Collection, which launched in 2011.

Small niche brands like Ambika Boutique offer something unique and totally luxurious—like a hand-knitted rabbit hair bikini made from the loose hair that’s been gently brushed off a bunny. That’s what we call good grooming and good karma.

Always at the forefront of the green industry, beauty companies continue to make advancements in chemical-free, organic and cruelty-free cosmetics, skin and hair care products. They promise not just beauty on the outside but on the inside, too.

Here are a few of our favorites for the Earth-Conscious bride and groom, because we believe that every day is Earth Day.

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