Lunching InStyle

Designing and producing this party was one of my ultimate challenges. It had to be a huge success because it was for InStyle magazine and since it was at the Guggenheim Museum which is a public space, we had a very short window of time to install the entire event, have lunch and break the party down.

Plans were pored over for weeks on end. When the day finally arrived, crews of people moved en masse and in an incredibly synchronized manner, we set five long banquet tables. We laid down the base cloths of Dupioni silk, placed our sumptuous Portuguese linen table runners down the center of our tables and created our centerpieces. 

The centerpiece really was an installation of various geometric shaped glass and ceramic containers placed at right angles to one another. Every single one of these containers held one particular type of green flower. The effect was wonderfully architectural. Some were packed with bear grass shaved neatly across the top, others with cabbage patches, still others with shamrock spider mums. All were studded down below with amber votive candles. 

To say the entire day felt like a dream is an understatement. It was chic. It was fast. It was furious. It was definitely InStyle.


--Colin Cowie

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