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Real Wedding: Kristen & Dan

Planning a large wedding for 250 guests can take months, sometimes over a year to plan. There are so many details to get just right that busy day-to-day lives can take precedence, drawing out all the planning involved—but not for Kristen and Dan.

This Provo, Utah couple isn’t one to wait. Take their courtship. Having met in the summer of 2010 on a camping and hiking trip, they dated briefly until Kristen had to move to Washington, D.C. for an internship. But Kristen and Dan stayed in touch, even while dating other people, and finally got serious about each other in January 2012 when they picked up where they left off two years prior—and then some.

Three months later, they were engaged. “Since we had dated before and knew each other really well, the initial stages of dating went pretty fast and we got engaged by the end of April,” recalls the bride.

So smitten were they for each other by then that Kristen swiftly planned a wedding for July 7th. “It was a short amount of time but we wanted to accommodate both our families—we each had siblings moving away soon and wanted everyone to be there,” explains the bride.

Add to this expedited schedule a two week trip Kristen had already planned to China and there was even less time to plan the whole event. “I knew I had to get a lot done before then,” concedes the bride. Unfazed, Kristen was still able to arrange a wedding that included a custom-made gown, a wedding dinner for 100 and a reception of 150 more. So, just how long did it take her? “I got most of it done in a week,” says the bride.

Here’s how: they kept their bridal party to family and close, nearby friends. Kristen limited her six bridesmaids to her two sisters, three sisters-in-law and a cousin. Dan’s seven groomsmen were his two brothers, three brothers-in-law and two closest friends. Next, she let the choice of light blue bridesmaids’ dresses, wrap dresses that easily flattered all her attendants’ figures, dictate the pastel hues of her wedding’s color scheme. “I chose the bridesmaids dresses before anything else because I knew that would be the easiest way to choose wedding colors,” she says.

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