Ask Colin: Flowers & Décor


Colin, I am having a winter wedding and struggling with centerpiece ideas. The color scheme is white, silver and hints of light pink. We do not have a big budget for flowers and have round tables for our guests. We are currently thinking of spraying Manzanita trees silver and doing varies candles, but it just doesn't look like enough. Do you have any ideas for round tables without breaking the budget?

I love your color scheme. Take the Manzanita branches, spray them silver and put them in a vase filled with rocks to keep the Manzanita standing upright. Attach a couple of hanging glass candle holders from CB2 and add some white Cymbidium orchids, which have a light pink color on the petals – a single blossom on the tip of each branch. If you want more color, add rose blossoms in light pink. Add some frosted votive candles around the base of the vase for some added ambiance.