Ask Colin: Flowers & Décor

Combine rich navy table linens with glittering metallic details for a regal reception space.

Colin Miller

I am having a hard time with my wedding colors and how to set up the reception tables. The colors we have chosen are navy blue, gold/champagne and ivory. I want the tables to look vintage but modern, sort of Great Gatsby fab. The idea is to use a lot of candles and maybe flowers on a few of the tables. How do I blend the three without over doing the rich navy?

Start by using long banquet tables instead of round ones. Use the rich navy as your base cloth, use mirrored runners (easily created with back of door mirrors from Ikea or mirror tiles from the hardware store) and top with a champagne napkin and a gold napkin ring – this could be gold ribbon or an actual ring. You now have a good clean-lined base. For your flowers, I suggest you go to flea markets and find vintage brass or gold colored vases in different sizes and make clusters of mixed flowers interspersed with bowls of fruits and candles. Use votive candles with a bit of gold leaf, pillars and tapers. Good luck!