Ask Colin: Flowers & Décor

Serve your guests family-style at a long table for an elegant reception with a fun, casual vibe.

Colin Miller

Dear Colin, I am dreaming of a wedding just before dusk in the early summer and then having a down-home country-inspired reception. I don’t know how to mix the elegance of my dream ceremony and the simplicity of a good ol' honkey-tonk reception while still having all the traditional wedding aspects and ensuring that my guests enjoy themselves as much as I will. Any ideas to help me combine the two and keep it affordable?

Keep the ceremony at dusk and have each of your guests hold a candle while you make your vows to one another as the sun sets. 

Follow with a cocktail hour showcasing your favorite cocktail, or a couple of them, which you could name after your maid of honor and best man. For the reception, seat your guests at long tables. Serve a family style dinner, turn up the music, keep the cocktails flowing and everyone will have a good time!

The key to success here is to keep it moving. 20 minutes for the ceremony, 45 minutes for cocktails, serve dinner in 90 minutes and dance ‘til you feet hurt and the bartender is exhausted!