Wild About Flowers

Ideas for Decorating Your Wedding

Using wildflowers in your wedding—let us count the ways to go au naturel anywhere, anytime.

If your love for wildflowers goes beyond the well-worn custom of offering packs of their seeds as party favors, then consider a floral décor filled with these au naturel blooms. But first, let’s nail down the definition of “wildflowers.”

Some will say any flower that grows on its own (without cultivation) is a wildflower. Others draw the line that only those indigenous to North America pastures count. But florists aren’t purists about these definitions. When it comes to wedding décor, they’re less strict about rules.

“Technically, wildflowers only grow in the wild, so the challenge is drumming up commercially grown flowers that look like traditional flowers,” says April Peet, a California-based floral designer and owner of April Flowers, who works a lot with these natural blooms.

Take the red poppy, for example. Considered a wildflower in the UK, its oversized petals and delicate stem are so popular here as a wildflower because they grow quite easily without much horticulturist intervention. Other recognizable wildflowers include Black-eyed Susans, sunflowers, zinnias and cosmos.

If you’re considering using these blooms in your wedding, first read on to see if they’ll fit into your wedding style. Then, find out which are best in your area of the country, no matter what time of year you plan to say, “I do.”

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