What’s Your Bouquet Style?

Wedding Flower Ideas

A traditional bouquet gets a bold touch when a classic nosegay is formed out of bright pink peonies.
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Just when you thought deciding the types of flowers for your bouquet was all you had to do, brides also need to identify the style of arrangement that best works with their wedding’s personality.

So, before you sit down with your floral designer to discuss, read on to identify which kind of bouquet fits your Big Day’s tone best.


You’ll like: Nosegay bouquet

What it is: This is the most common bouquet style today, though it originated in the Victorian era. It’s defined by a closely packed, uniform, globe-like arrangement of flowers. The stems, all cut to the same length, are wrapped tightly with ribbon and fastened. Often one color or type of flower dominates. It’s a simple style but don’t let that mislead you. It makes a huge impact. 

Best with: Roses, peonies

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