10 Essential Tips For Wedding Centerpieces

10 Essential Tips For Wedding Centerpieces

It's no wonder why we call them centerpieces. Not only are these arrangements anchors for reception tables, they also command a huge amount of attention and create a dynamic space. These 10 useful tips are everything you need to know when designing your wedding centerpieces.

1. Vary Designs
Instead of using one centerpiece style for each table, place two or three designs throughout the reception for a visually dynamic space that’s still consistent. This creates a ton of texture throughout the room.

2. Go Local
Choose local flowers to ensure optimum freshness. This is a very sustainable approach and will also keep costs to a minimum.

3. Choose A Variety
The sooner you realize you are no match for Mother Nature (yes, even on your wedding day), the better. Choose a variety of local flowers in case of weather disasters that might leave you bloomless on your big day.

4. Get Creative
If you want to save money on your flowers, incorporate fruit instead. Replicate the feel of a Caravaggio fruit still life with fresh peaches in the spring, textural limes in the summer, green apples in the fall and dark grapes in the winter. 

5. Keep It Visual
Make sure your guests will be able to see each other no matter where they’re seated at the table by using low centerpieces, tall tapers, candelabras or topiaries.

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6. Make Them Sturdy
It’s inevitable that guests will bump into reception tables after the tequila starts flowing, so make sure your centerpieces are sturdy, especially if they're taller. Keep them to 13 inches or less.

7. Minimize Fragrance
Be careful of using too many fragrant flowers, like gardenias or Casablanca lilies, at once. (The smell of gardenia mixed with rack of lamb is very unsexy.) If you want a centerpiece of one fragrant flower, consider attaching them to tall willow branches.

8. Create A Focus
Bring some attention to those fabulous centerpieces with creative lighting such as pin spots. What good is a gorgeous centerpiece if your guests can’t see the beautiful details?

9. Use Glamorous Vessels
In some cases, the vessels are as equally important as the blooms that fill them. If you’re having a vintage wedding, go for antiqued décor. If your having a beach wedding, keep your centerpieces light and airy.

10. Maintain Consistency
Above all, make sure your centerpieces match your overall theme. If you're having a winter wedding on a snowy mountain, green limes and oranges aren't the answer. Try berries or deep calla lilies instead.

-Keely-Shea Smith 

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