The Meaning of Flowers

White calla lilies symbolize purity, making them a wedding favorite.
Root Photography

Who knew that incredible arrangement had something to say?

Gorgeous flowers can go a long way in a wedding. They can transform a simple room into an awe-inspiring ceremony location or elevate a table from functional to fantastic. And of course, a bouquet is one of the things that turns a beaming woman in a white dress into a bride. But there’s so much more to flowers than just looking and smelling pretty.

In the Victorian era, people started communicating with more than words. The “Language of Flowers”, popularized by Queen Victoria’s love of blooms, was a way for women and men to send messages, particularly as part of their courtship. In a time when verbally expressing feelings of love and affection was taboo, a nosegay comprised of specific blossoms was a way to say what you felt without actually saying it.

So how can you bring this 19th century fad into the modern day and, more importantly, into your wedding? Read on for the meanings of some of the most popular wedding flowers, then head to the florist to turn the feelings you want to convey into breathtaking bouquets and arrangements.

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