The Art of the Boutonniere

The boutonniere is all about the details--a single perfect bloom, the right shade of silk ribbon to bind the flower, or a pearl button to secure it. The key is to look masculine while complementing the bride and her look. Choose small flowers with a big presence.

The Billets-Doux

Originating in 1673 France, and literally translated as the sweet letter, the billets-doux is a lovely way for a bride to let her groom know she is thinking about him at that particular moment. The hand-written note should be given to the florist to place with the groom's boutonniere.

He will be very moved when he reaches for his boutonniere and sees this special note from his cherished bride-to-be.

Groom's Tip

Have two boutonnieres made. One version gets worn during the ceremony and through the majority of the reception. After hugging a few hundred people, inevitably the flower will be battered and bruised.

Have the spare handy (store it under the cake table for easy access), pin the fresh one on and he'll be as good as new.

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