The 6 Best Rose Varieties For Your Wedding

The 6 Best Rose Varieties For Your Wedding

Trust us, a rose by any other name does smell just as sweet. According to the Society of American Florists, there are approximately 120 varieties of roses available. So we’re doing the guesswork for you and sharing the best of the best roses for your big day. Forget the grocery store variety, and take a look at our favorite of these beloved blooms.

1. Garden Rose
Larger than a standard rose, and sure to steal your heart, garden roses come in a variety of awe inspiring colors. It’s no wonder that the natural, delicate look of this bloom is a favorite amongst brides.  Melani Lust Photography
2. Black Magic
Black magic is one of the deepest, darkest and most dazzling red roses available. The large velvety flowers are a surefire way to add glamour to your wedding.Colin Miller

3. Blizzard Rose
Stark white blooms create a striking effect, don’t you think? The blizzard rose is an elegant white flower that makes quite a statement. Colin Miller

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4. Ilios
This sunny bloom is sure to add some cheer to your “I Dos.” Bright and beautiful, these yellow roses are the perfect way for brides to add a pop of color to their special day.
5. Tea Roses
When it comes to rose varieties, the tea rose is amongst the most beloved. These flowers are known to produce the showiest blooms in both appearance and fragrance. 
6. Carrousel Rose
It doesn’t get chicer than this. This two-tone rose appears as if it has been kissed in a deeper shade along its edges. Stylish and sweet, these romantic roses are a lovely addition to your wedding.Courtesy of The Bouqs

-Melissa Hammam

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