Succulent Succulents

Wedding Flower Ideas

Five reasons why these hardy plants are far from mere desert blooms.

Going green never looked so good. Consider forgoing delicate cut flowers in your wedding décor that wilt easily and won’t last beyond the Big Day. Since succulents, those hardy plants that thrive in desert climates, store water in their leaves and stems, you’ll find that they stand up to all your wedding day needs—and then some.

Read on to learn how you can include these sturdy, beautiful plants on your Big Day.


Just because you can pick out a rose from a tulip doesn’t mean you may be able to identify one kind of succulent over another. In fact, for your wedding purposes, it is a good idea to know there are three basic kinds out there when you discuss these plants with your florist.

Sempervivums thrive in even drought condition (their name is apt: it means “to live forever”) and grow their distinct low rosettes in colors from pink to red or purple. The jovibarba varieties are very close to semperivums but have fewer petals and come in yellow or greenish hues. Finally, the sedums stand apart because they flower.


Wearing blooms in your hair at your wedding or on your lapel is a nice touch—but the wilting factor over the course of your wedding can put a damper on remaining “fresh as a daisy” all night. Consider adding a succulent to your hair or in your boutonniere instead. Since they’re used to living water-deprived, they'll endure a lot longer than more delicate blooms.

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