Luxe for Less: Better than Roses

Rose Alternatives for Your Wedding

With delicately ruffled petals and a variety of soft colors, single or double lisianthus blooms have a look similar to blooming tea roses.
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Five flowers by any other name that smell (and look) just as sweet as roses.

As a long-time symbol of love and beauty, roses are too often considered the go-to flowers to decorate your wedding. But since these tried-and-true can cost anywhere from $2 a stem to upwards of $4, it may be time to consider the alternative blooms that look just as gorgeous when fashioned in an arrangement.

“If you love roses, you’ll be happy to know that these are especially good times to look at flowers that resemble roses, but don’t cost as much,” says Sharon Naylor, author of The Knack Guide to Wedding Flowers. Naylor says that the alternative posies now available allow a bride to either forgo roses completely or to save money by including much less of them in her arrangements.

Read on for five flowers that give the rose a run for its money:


This is a top alternative, “offering a subtle tea rose effect,” says Naylor. You’ll find these blooms in blush pinks, deep reds, summery yellows, as well as lavenders, deep purples and violets. To save even more money, Naylor suggests ordering, “both single lisianthus (which look just a bit like tulips or poppies) and those lush double-flower lisianthus for variety in your arrangements and a break on your expenses.”

Nice price: Each lisianthus stem comes with at least three 3-inch blooms and costs about $1.10 per stem.

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