Awe-inspiring Blooms for Your Attendants

Once the most challenging floral design - your bridal bouquet - has been designed, the flowers for the rest of the wedding party can be chosen.

The bridesmaids' flowers often complement the bridal bouquet, either in color, texture, shape, or materials, but on a smaller scale. The groom and groomsmen's boutonnieres can echo one of the buds in the ladies' bouquets.

Use this guide as seeds of inspiration when plucking blooms for everyone in your wedding party:

  • The Maid of Honor: She often carries a bouquet that is slightly different, or larger, than those of the other attendants.
  • Your Bridesmaids: Consider embellishing their bouquets with more than just flowers reflecting your bridal arrangement. Having a beach wedding? Consider hanging streamers with tiny shells attached to their blooms.
  • Flower Girls: Skip a bouquet or basket of petals all together and have them carry a pomander, or even wear flowers. They'll look adorable wearing headbands or head wreaths decorated with blossoms. Just be sure they're comfortable. Little ones shouldn't have headbands that pinch or are too heavy.
  • Mothers and Grandmothers: Traditionally, the mother and grandmother of the bride wore corsages. Today, many women prefer to carry a small nosegay or spray of flowers during the ceremony.
  • Groom: The groom's boutonniere is not necessarily larger, but is more distinctive than his groomsmen's buds. A tasteful, masculine look may be created with a boutonniere that consists of one or a few small blooms - tight rosebuds, stephanotis blooms, a single gardenia blossom, two blooms of freesia, or several lilies of the valley. 
  • Groomsmen: The boutonniere can be enhanced with a bit of greenery, like a camellia or lemon leaf, or a sprig of eucalyptus or lavender. A sprig of holly is a handsome touch of greenery during the holidays. The bloom is attached with a sturdy pin to the left lapel of the jacket.
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