Anatomy Of A Flower: Calla Lily

The first thing you should know about the Calla lily is that it’s not actually a lily. Aside from that little secret, the Calla is pretty upfront about all it has to offer.

Originally from South Africa, these faux-lilies can be found throughout the Western world in practically any color. Think we’re kidding? One wholesaler, Pacific Callas, gives the following options: classic white, off-white, cream/butter, yellow/gold, yellow/orange, orange/rust, light pink, hot pink, cranberry pink, pink/lavender, lavender/purple and purple. And we’ve actually left out a few.

Calla lilies fare best in humid, tropical climates and die off in any kind of frost. But, thanks to the magic of green houses, the elegant flowers can be found during all seasons. Time of year, however, can impact price along with shade, stem length and bloom size (minis are available!). Wholesalers offer most Callas at $2 to $4 a stem.

Because some cultivators produce better than others in different seasons, brides should look for a tonal range rather than a specific color, even when shopping for two-tone varieties. Pairing similar shades of Calla lilies in a single arrangement will result in a creation that is both subtle and stunning.

Calla Lily Cheat Sheet

  • In Season: Year-round
  • Price: $2 to $4 per stem
  • Colors: White, ivory, cream, green, pink, purple, red, burgundy, peach, orange, rust, yellow, black and two-tones
  • AKA: Lily of the Nile, Easter lily, Arum lily, Varkoor (Afrikaans for pig’s ear)
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