5 Ways To Upgrade Your Bouquet

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Bouquet

While we’ll always love the look of a classic floral arrangement, we can’t help but fall head over heels for the recent eye-popping embellishments brides are adding to their bouquets. From crystals to brooches, and everything in between, go ahead and get creative with the prettiest of bridal bouquet accessories.  

1. Wrap it up. Bouquets help to compliment your wedding day style. Going for a vintage feel? Try wrapping your bouquet in lace. Having a rustic wedding? A swag of burlap will help tie your theme together. Courtesy of Jordan Brittley

Courtesy of Cyn Kain Photography

Courtesy of Birds of A Feather Photography

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Courtesy of Katelyn James Photography

Courtesy of Melissa Munding

Courtesy of Victoria Greener Photography

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2. Think outside the flower. Flowers are stunning on their own, so imagine how breathtaking your bouquet will be when you place a pearl pin in the throat of each blossom. Get playful with crystals, feathers- the options are endless, as long as it’s a look you love!Courtesy of Kay English Photography

Courtesy of  Love me Do Photography

Courtesy of Flameheart Studio

Courtesy of Captured Photography

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Courtesy of Amy & Stuart Photography

3. Make it a memento. Remember and honor loved ones by adding an antique brooch or photo charm to your bouquet. When you walk down the aisle, all of your nearest and dearest will be with you in spirit.  Courtesy of Anna and Spencer Photography

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4. Get personal. Make your bridal bouquet uniquely yours by adding your monogram. Have you and your loved one’s initials stitched into your bouquet wrap or simply add lettered pins for a super sweet touch.Courtesy of Katelyn James Photography

Courtesy of Meghan Christine Photography

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5. Go glam. For a luxe effect, it’s time to think gold. Gilded elements add a level of intrigue to your bouquet that’s simply undeniable. Try gold-leaf dipped flowers or spray painted elements for a fabulous way to dress up your bouquet.Courtesy of Kent Meister Photography

Courtesy of Katherine O'Brien Photography

-Melissa Hammam

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