5 Favorites For Winter Floral Arrangements

Weddings during the coldest months of the year can be the most heartwarming. It’s called a winter wonderland for a reason after all. From rich seasonal hues to eye-catching textures, we love the selection of flowers that the frostier months have to offer. Get inspired for your big day with our favorite flowers for a winter wedding.

1. Dusty Miller: Dusty miller looks as if its been kissed by snow, making it the perfect greenery to add to your floral arrangements. It has a natural silver gray hue, which goes with just about any color combination you can dream up.

2. Tallow-Berry Branches: Bring rustic glamour to your wedding with the addition of tallow berry branches. These natural cream white berries perfectly embrace the snowy season. 

3. Ranunculus: These ruffled beauties are a favorite of brides, and with just one look at them it’s easy to see why. Layers on layers of densely packed petals make these beautiful blooms a must have addition to your winter wedding.Valerie Busque Photography, Flower by Élysée Fleurs 

Millie Holloman Photography

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4. Rose: The classic symbol of love and romance, roses make a wonderful choice for your special day. Whether you choose winter white or rich seasonal red, these flowers are sure to make a stunning statement.   Colin Miller

5. Anemone: We love the vintage feel that this uniquely beautiful flower brings. Anemones add a fabulous touch of intrigue to any floral arrangement.  Courtesy of Lauryn Galloway Photography

-Melissa Hammam

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