15 Pretty Peony Bouquets

15 Pretty Peony Bouquets

Arguably the most romantic flower in the world, peonies have earned their spot as one of the most coveted blossoms for weddings. Take just one look at their lush, ruffled blooms and it’s easy to see why. The best part about this flower favorite? Peonies come in a variety of colors, so you’ll be sure to find one that works well for your special day.  

1. White peonies are one of the most beloved blooms by brides. A classic all-white arrangement makes for a breathtaking bouquet.Photo by Robyn Thompson, Flowers by Garden Party Flowers

Kelsey Combe Photography

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2. For the romantic, soft pink peonies are sure to please. We love the combination of two light tones for a modern twist. Emily Steffen

Cluney Photo

Morning Light by Michelle Landreau

Matt Andrews Photography

Adam Nash Photography

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3.Yellow peonies are a unique and utterly gorgeous pick. Add a bright and cheery pop of color to your wedding day with these beautiful blooms.

Corbin Gurkin Photography

4. For a non-traditional and unforgettable bouquet, consider coral. This whimsical color perfectly suits a summertime wedding.Kaysha Weiner 

Palos Studio

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5. Hot pink peonies are for the bride that is ready to go bold! These bright blooms are sure to catch every guest’s eye.Annie McElwain Photography

Kay English Photography

Ian Grant Photography

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6. Go ultra-glam with deep red peonies. This dark toned flower adds tones of depth to a floral arrangement and is incredibly elegant. Ashleigh Jayne Photography

Paul Barnett Photography

-Melissa Hammam

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