Ask Colin: Flowers & Décor

Incorporate seasonal fruits for a festive take on non-floral décor.

Colin Miller

Our daughter is getting married June 1, 2013. I would appreciate your thoughts on décor and centerpieces, as most décor must be non-floral due to her allergies. Budget is a concern so it will have to be DIY. The theme she has chosen is vintage, and the colors are blue, yellow and grey (more bright than dark). Thank you.

Since you have lots of time, start by visiting thrift stores or flea markets and collect cake pedestals, blue and white porcelain bowls (does not matter if they are chipped--they’ll be less expensive and have lots of character). It doesn’t matter if they are large or small. If they are small, you might want to cluster three (multiples work best with odd numbers) on a table.

Fill the containers with fruits and bunches of grapes. The yellow element could be from accenting with a single flower type that she is not allergic to, or choose napkins or linens in a sunny hue. And, if it’s a nighttime affair, make sure to incorporate votive or pillar candles in your tablescapes for a romantic and vintage-looking glow.