Ask Colin: Flowers & Décor


Colin Cowie Celebrations

I was born and raised in London, England, but I now reside in the US. I would love to have some type of English themed wedding to reflect my heritage. Can you suggest ideas for the bridesmaids as well as the decorations/decor for the reception hall so it won't look boring or old?

The English tend to do things more formally and have some distinct wedding rituals. Mix these in with the wedding traditions you'll be following for a unique, personal celebration. Begin with your bridal shower: arrange for your family and friends to come together for a traditional English afternoon tea. For your wedding day, continue with the theme of English formality. Design your reception around a series of long banquet tables. For an element of height, use taller candelabras that are interspersed with lower arrangements of flowers. Fill in the spaces in between with votive candles for added romance. Food-wise, you might want to serve English sausage rolls and Worcestershire dipping sauce during the cocktail. Perhaps an Avocado Ritz for the appetizer and Beef Wellington for the main course. When it comes to dessert, fruitcake has always been an English tradition – consider serving one for the groom’s cake. Enjoy and have fun!