Ask Colin: Flowers & Décor


Gianluca Adovasio

The bride and groom are both members of the US Army, and the bride is stationed in Afghanistan. They were married before she was deployed, and I am planning a reaffirmation for them when she gets back this fall. She has always dreamed of a fairytale wedding, and I would like to give her just that. Can you give me some ideas for a fairytale wedding that won’t be too childish?

I think its best embrace the fairytale romance of the wedding itself. Arrange for the bride to arrive at the ceremony in a horse drawn carriage, where the groom and members of his regiment are waiting in their formal uniforms. For the ceremony, choose a beautiful ritual all can participate in. Give each guest a candle when they arrive. Have the bride and groom light a unity candle, then pass the flame from one guest to the next until all of the candles are lit. Once the room is full of candlelight, have the bride and groom make their vows to one another. For the reception, seat everyone at long banquet tables with tall candelabras interspersed with low bowls of flowers. This way, the bride is the princess at her own wedding without it being too fairytale.