Ask Colin: Flowers & Décor

Metallic décor and candlelight will enhance a gorgeous sunset wedding on the pier.

Colin Miller

I am having my wedding on a pier in Charleston, SC in May. My dress is a light ivory and I was thinking of peonies as my bouquet, but I am having a hard time choosing a color to accent with. Because it is outdoors, surrounded by water and will be close to sunset I wanted to accent in something that would play off the water. Is silver appropriate for May and would it go with the flowers or should I change that too? It is a small wedding of 60 people and I am looking for simple, classy and elegant. Would love any advice. Thank you!

Stay with your theme. You don’t need a primary color, why not keep it silver and white? Since it’s a sunset wedding, silver, white and gray will showcase the changing of the light from daytime chic to nighttime elegance. Make sure to use lots of candles in hurricanes for that magical moment when the sun sets and the candles come alive, bathing everyone in soft romantic light.