11 Remarkable Blooms For Single-Flower Wedding Bouquets

11 Remarkable Blooms For Single-Flower Wedding Bouquets

A bride’s wedding bouquet is meant to make a statement – it’s front-and-center as she walks down the aisle and will be what that one lucky bride-to-be catches at the end of the night. Traditionally, brides select elaborate bouquets overflowing with blooms, but if you’re a bit more bold, why not opt for a single flower? Holding one gorgeous flower will not only add a pop of color, but also draw attention to your oh-so-important dress.

1. Bright & Sunny Bloom
Opened peonies are cheery, sweet and the perfect addition to any spring or summer wedding.Photo by Jose Villa

2. Lively Coral Peony
If you want a dash of color, a coral peony will ensure all eyes are on you. After all, it’s your big day! Photo by Kiss the Groom

3. Feminine Frills
Its short stem and accent of dusty miller leaves make this bouquet the perfect pop of color, without being overpowering.Photo by Amanda Suanne Photography; Floral by Florals by the Sea 

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4. Sweet African Sugarbushes
These artichoke-resembling blooms are the national flower of South Africa. Symbolic of diversity and courage, this is a lovely choice for a bride seeking a non-traditional bouquet.Photo by Picture Me & U; Floral by Ruby Rain Decor

5. Silky White Magnolia
This bold bloom has simple yet classic lines. We picture this set at a wedding of neutral tones, in Charleston or Miami, with hints of Southern flair and tropical breezes.Photo by Jose Villa

6. Contemporary Succulent
These flowers can endure long periods without being watered, making them an easy addition to your wedding day without fear of wilting!Photo by KT Merry Photography; Floral by Flower Divas 

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7. Ruffled White Dahlia
This oversized flower is an elegant look for any bride’s walk down the aisle.Photo by Britt Rene Photography

8. Farm Fresh Sunflower
You can’t go wrong with a classic sunflower! They are a great way to bring bright yellows into your color palette and compliment shades from navy blue to aubergine.Photo by Buffy Dekmar Photography

9. Simply Sophisticated Calla Lily
These stunning ivory flowers are named for the Greek word meaning beauty, which comes at no surprise given their statuesque appearance. If the rest of your décor is over the top, consider holding a single calla lily. Photo by Rebecca Arthurs Photography; Floral by Flowers by Semia

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10. Sensational Allium
These star-shaped flowers make for a fun and bountiful bouquet, with just a single stem! We think this structural bloom best complements a simple dress. From top to bottom: 1-Floral by Beautiful Blooms; 2, 3-Photo by Aaron Huniu Photography; 4-Photo by Muriel Silva Photography

11. Abundant Hydrangea
One hydrangea stem packs a powerful punch! Adding an elegant and colorful ribbon highlights the soft petals on these fragrant flowers.Photo by Kristina Curtis Photography; Floral by Calie Rose

-Stacey Schimmel 

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