Rain Check

Bad Weather Tips (Just In Case!)

Don't let the weather get you down. Keep bright umbrellas and fun wellies on hand to add extra color to a gray day.

How to avoid that flood of emotion if it rains on your wedding day.

The Italians say it best: “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata,” or “Wet bride, lucky bride.” When you’ve worked for months planning a wedding under a proverbial Tuscan sun and it rains at your nuptials instead, it’s best to hope it isn’t bad luck but a sign of a happy marriage ahead.

Taking the right precautions in case of rain, however, is the smartest route to Plan B you’ll ever take. For those brides planning an outdoor wedding, the following tips are a must. But even for those indoor weddings impacted least by stormy skies, read on for the best backup plan ideas:


If you’re hosting an event that is at all outdoors, you should rent a tent just in case Mother Nature decides to make your day a little more interesting. You can read more here about this necessary temporary structure. Another suggestion as you decide where to unfurl the tent in case of rain: pitch it on the highest point of the venue and not downhill in case of a downpour.


About six weeks before your big day, when you’re (relatively) calm and collected and able to think straight, write up a rainy day contingency plan you can pass out to your vendors, and even your guests, if the skies open up at your wedding.

Things to include are directions to a location change if you have to move your ceremony or reception to a separate indoor area and alterations to your timeline that allow for delays in travel time, setups, etc. 

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