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Roles and Responsibilities of the Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids

What could be better than a gaggle of your favorite women in pretty dresses standing by your side as you say "I Do"?
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The MOH is responsible for the groom’s ring up until the bride actually places it onto the groom’s finger.

Altared State
It’s curtain time! Arm-in-arm with the Best Man, the MOH walks down the aisle (on the right side) just prior to the bride. She stands at the altar with the rest of the wedding party, between the bridesmaids and bride herself. When the bride arrives, the MOH is allowed to primp the bride’s train and veil as needed, then holds onto her bouquet while she exchanges her vows. Once they’re declared husband and wife, the MOH proceeds back up the aisle with the Best Man after the new Mr. & Mrs.

Photo Ops
The MOH participates in all wedding photos requested by the bride.

Point Person
The MOH should expect to answer a lot of logistical questions from guests during the reception. (Since she’s wearing a special outfit, she’s easy to pick out of the crowd!) She should know where to find the escort cards, the gift table, the bathrooms and so on.

Dance, Dance
Kick off the reception by bustling the bride’s gown just before she enters the reception hall (if necessary). Then, during the bride and groom’s series of first dances (such as the father-daughter dance), the MOH is expected to participate on the arm of the Best Man.

Speech, Speech
The MOH usually gives a toast or speech following the Best Man during the reception.

BFF Finale
The MOH needs to pace herself at the reception. She’s expected to look after the bride’s attire throughout the party and stay to the very close of the reception. She’s also the point person to help collect the wedding gifts and, at the end, help the bride change out of her gown if she is leaving that night for her honeymoon.

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