Wedding-Ready Bum

I am so excited to have joined the Colin Cowie Weddings team to be your wedding-ready trainer. I know from personal experience how magical a wedding is and there is no better time in your life to get motivated! This workout is all about toning our butt, calves and legs so we are fit and ready for spring. Remember, it’s not just the walk down the aisle or honeymoon you’re prepping for- it’s all of the life events and celebrations along the way!

Be sure to let me know your feedback and send pictures! I will be reading all your comments, questions, trouble zones and support on Facebook, Twitter and post any of your wedding inspiration on Pinterest!

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The Workout: 9 Minutes

You'll need a stopwatch or interval timer (I use Gymboss because you can set it to beep automatically so you don’t have to keep checking your watch – get it here!)

30 seconds each exercise:

  • Squats
  • Plié Squat Pulses
  • Hip-ups
  • Hip-ups In & Out
  • Alt. Step-ups
  • Curtsey Lunges (15 sec each)


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